Discover Why J&J's Pizza Plus Is So Special

Learn about our restaurant in Castleton-On-Hudson, NY

J&J's Pizza Plus was opened in June 2021 by a local father-and-son duo. We're proud to bring a family feel and superior menu to the Castleton-On-Hudson, NY area. When you receive service from a family that has over 15 years of restaurant experience, you'll feel like part of the family, too. Don't wait to stop by our friendly restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal.

Experience superior service

Experience superior service

At our local pizzeria, we understand the impact a nice meal can have. That's why we started our restaurant with the goal of impressing every customer who orders from us. Any time we see a big smile on a someone's face or get an amazing review, we feel proud to be sharing our recipes with our community. Call us now at 518-729-2026 to learn more about our special establishment.